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Medical students in Kolkata, India

Sheik Abdullah

Sheik Abdullah, son of a single-mother, has overcome all the odds a teenager could possibly face and has been successful in passing the challenging medical entrance Exam in the State of West Bengal. He ranked in the top quartile and has been admitted to one of the few prestigious medical schools (R.G.Kar Medical College) in West Bengal. Extreme poverty, lack of financial security and day to day challenges in life have not deterred Abdullah to realize his dream of becoming a successful physician. His steadfast mother is always by his side, juggling multiple menial jobs while maintaining her laser like focus to make her only son's dream come true despite painful adversity. This powerful example of perseverance has led SRIJAN to commit funding Abdullah's 5 years of medical college expenses inclusive of food and lodging.
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Mantu Ghosh

A talented student from West Bengal, he ranked in the top 50 in Medical Entrance Examination. He was fully eligible to get into the top Medical school in the state based on his academic achievements. However, the dream of becoming a doctor seemed far-fetched as his father, a farmer, was unable to meet the high costs of Medical school. Srijan learned about the aspirations of the young man from Bartaman, an acclaimed daily newspaper in West Bengal, and has offered to sponsor his studies till he earns his medical degree. In addition to tuition and supplies, Srijan will also bear the cost of room and board and other personal expenses. He is enrolled in Medical College, Kolkata.
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Rakeswar Mandal

A graduate of Bardhaman CMS School, he achieved a high ranking of 300+ in the very competitive State Medical Entrance examination (WBJEE) in 2010. But he couldn't start school in the same year because of lack of funds. In 2011, he is able to pursue his dreams with Srijan's assistance. He is now enrolled in Nil Ratan Sarkar Medical College and Hospital.

Newark Charter School in Delaware, USA

In 2012, Srijan worked with Newark Charter School in Delaware to assist in procuring educational aids for classrooms to promote creative learning.